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Frequently asked Questions

What is Atlanta Homestays?
We are in business to place students in Atlanta area homes, to provide a comfortable, economical place for the students to live.  Opportunities are given to experience American culture as well as using the English language that is being learned.

How is placement made?
Personal information given on the application is used to match each student with a host family.  Whenever possible personal interests, religion, and family preference are considered in placement.

How long does it take to make the arrangements?
Once the completed application is received, placement is normally arranged within one week.  At that time the student will receive personal information about the host family.

What costs are involved?
There is a one time Application/Placement fee of $225.00 due to Atlanta Homestays.The homestay fee of $900 per month (full homestay), or $800 per month (Bed Breakfast) is paid directly to the host family upon move-in.

How do I pay?
The Application/Placement fee is due before homestay arrangements are made but special arrangements, under certain circumstances, can be made for payment upon arrival in Atlanta.

The weekly homestay fee is due to the host family the same day every month.

How do I get to the homestay?
Atlanta Homestays offers airport pick-up service and will transport you directly to the host family's home for $85.00.  There are also taxis available at the airport as well as MARTA.

What is included?
"Full homestay" includes a private, furnished bedroom, light breakfast (normally self-serve) and dinner daily.

"Bed & Breakfast" homestay includes the same as a "full homestay" but does not include dinner.

What about sheets, towels and other items?
Sheets and towels are provided.  Personal items such as soap, shampoo, etc. are the students responsibility.

What about my laundry?
You may use the host's washer and dryer, however, you will be expected to do you own laundry.

What is not included?
Transportation, alcohol, snacks and meals that are not inlcuded in the homestay paid for.

Can I use the telephone?
You may use the phone for any free local calls.  Long distance calls should be made "collect" or by using a pre-paid calling card.  Family and friends are, of course, more than welcome to call you at your homestay.

How will I get around town without a car?
All homestays are within walking distance to a MARTA bus or train.  Cost of transportation is $2.50 each direction.  Weekly and monthly "unlimited ride" passes are available and offer significant savings over "pay-per-ride" method.

How close will I be to my school?
Most homestays are within 20-60 minutes by bus/train to the school.  We feel that it is most important for each student to be in a nice, safe neighboorhood.  We want students to experience the typical American lifestyle.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No, but on the application you are asked to indicate the desired length of the homestay.   If, for some unforeseen reason, you decide to move out before that date, you will be asked to give the host 2 weeks notice or payment for that length of time.

What if I am not happy in my homestay?
Every effort is made to place students with compaticle families, but sometimes there is a personality conflict.  Atlanta Homestays will work with both parties to resolve the problem.  However, if there is resolution, the student will be placed with another familly, with no additional placement cost.